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Why Our Coaching

The Marriage Champs Coaching Model is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced! We understand that every couple is different, so we pride ourselves on uniquely designing programs that help our clients build skills and develop strategies to achieve their personal marital goals. 

The High Five (H5):

We use a science-backed, faith-based framework to help our clients develop skills in five key area. We call these our "High Five."

Spiritual Growth

Developing a deeper understanding of God and the Christian faith.


Maintaining enthusiasm, excitement and desire for your mate.


Remaining physically and emotionally connected.


Combining effort to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.


Unwavering dedication to your spouse and to the marriage.

Our Coaching Process

We combine sports-themed activities with evidence-
based relationship strategies to help you achieve your goals.


We evaluate your relationship dynamics


We create a personalized game plan


We guide you through the process


We measure progress and adjust as needed

How Our Coaching Works


Step One: Schedule
A FREE 20-minute consult will help determine if coaching is right for you.


Step Two: Enroll
Begin the coaching program of your choice.


Step Three: Learn
Gain valuable insights and strategies from our expert coaches.


Step Four: Implement
Apply what you’ve learned in your relationship.

Coaching Programs

Discounts available for Pro and Elite members. Please call for details.

Spectator to Sportsman

Ideal for single men and women wanting to prepare for marriage

Regularly $2,200 

Now $1,200 

Love Like a Champion

Ideal for pre-marital couples

Regularly $2,200 

Now $1,200

Skills & Drills Training

Ideal for ANY couples wanting individualized support developing a  specific skill

Regularly $2,200 

Now $1,200

Comeback Kids

Ideal for couples in crisis

Regularly $3,600

Now $2,600 

Want a discount on your coaching program?

Join the Marriage Champs Community and enjoy 20-30% off your program.