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Marriage Champs is a social impact enterprise that uses sports and technology to improve relationship outcomes.

We believe that continuous growth is the key to long-term satisfaction!

Did you know that your current or potential marriage has a 50% chance of survival? If you’re in your second or third marriage the odds of success are even less. Increase your odds by using the Relationship Enhancement Pathways and Strategies (R.E.P.S.) platform to create the love and life you desire! Click here to learn more.

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Are you two “clicking on all cylinders,” “occasionally misfiring” or “totally malfunctioning?” Take 10 minutes to complete the High Five Assessment and find out where your team stands! Targeted areas include: spiritual growth, passion, intimacy, teamwork and commitment.

Hesitant about investing the time? Consider the following; It is nearly impossible to arrive at your intended destination if you’re not even sure where you currently are.

R.E.P.S. Platform

Want a thriving relationship? There’s an app for that! Join the R.E.P.S.¬†community NOW!


Managing the seasons of your love life can be tricky. Sometimes you’re in a season of marital bliss and other times you’re in the midst of an unrelenting storm. This podcast is for couples, in ANY season, who are determined to finish strong! Whether you’re feeling great about your relationship or less than optimistic about the future, we have a word of encouragement for the winner in you! LISTEN HERE

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Most Valuable Partners

Be seen. Be heard. Be helpful.


Do you want to be more visible and accessible to couples seeking your expertise? If so, consider enrolling as a resource for the R.E.P.S. platform.

Want to become a Certified Marriage Coach using the Marriage Champs Coaching Model? Register for one of our next 6-week certification programs today!

Upcoming Trainings:

  • August 3, 2021-September 7, 2021 Tuesday Evenings (virtual)
  • August 7, 2021-September 11, 2021 Saturday Mornings (virtual).
  • 2022 Schedule TBD

For more information on partnership opportunities or to learn more about how we’re using technology to strengthen marriages, give us a call or send an email to info@marriagechamps.com.


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